Are you a medical receptionist seeking to land your next career opportunity in healthcare administration? Crafting a compelling resume is your ticket to success.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore a variety of medical receptionist resume examples tailored to different experience levels.

Whether you're an experienced professional looking to advance your career or a newcomer eager to find the first job, we will provide expert tips to help you create a standout document that impresses hiring managers.

Medical receptionist resume examples

Medical office receptionist resume sample

Entry-level resume for a medical receptionist


Detail-oriented and personable recent graduate seeking an entry-level Medical Receptionist position to utilize strong communication and organizational skills in providing excellent patient care and administrative support.


Certificate in Medical Office Administration

Roswell Community College, Roswell, GA

Graduation Date: May 2024

High School Diploma

Roswell High School, Roswell, GA

Graduation Date: June 2023


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with a customer service-oriented approach.
  • Excellent organizational abilities with keen attention to detail.
  • Ability to multitask effectively in a dynamic environment.
  • Basic knowledge of medical terminology and office procedures.

Relevant Experience:

Administrative Intern

Roswell Family Practice, Roswell, GA

December 2023 - April 2024

  • Greeted patients and visitors warmly, directing them to the appropriate departments and assisting with inquiries.
  • Assisted in scheduling patient appointments and managing patient records using EMR software.
  • Answered phone calls and emails, providing information and resolving issues as needed.
  • Completed various administrative tasks including filing, data entry, and organizing office supplies.
  • Collaborated with office staff to ensure efficient clinic operations and patient satisfaction.

Volunteer Experience:

Hospital Volunteer

Roswell General Hospital, Roswell, GA

September 2022 - May 2023

  • Provided assistance to patients and visitors, escorting them to their destinations within the hospital.
  • Supported hospital staff by delivering messages, transporting items, and assisting with basic administrative tasks.
  • Maintained cleanliness and organization in patient waiting areas and common spaces.
  • Participated in training sessions covering patient confidentiality, safety protocols, and customer service best practices.

Formatting tips

Formatting plays a crucial role in making your medical receptionist resume visually appealing and easy to read.


  • Maintain consistency in font type, size, and spacing throughout the document.
  • Use professional fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • Keep the font size between 10 and 12 points for the main text.
  • Use clear headings and subheadings to organize different sections of your resume.
  • Use bullet points to list your responsibilities, achievements, and skills under each job experience.
  • Ensure adequate white space between sections and bullet points to avoid a cluttered appearance.

Using an online resume builder can help you avoid formatting issues and create a professional-looking document with ease.

Resume Trick provides professional templates that are modern and appropriate for a medical receptionist position. Use the pre-made main sections to input your contact information, summary, work experience, education, and any additional segments relevant to your medical receptionist resume.

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Medical receptionist resume summary

Including a summary or objective can enhance your medical front office resume by providing a snapshot of your qualifications and career goals.

A resume summary provides a brief overview of your skills, experiences, and qualifications relevant to the position. Use it if you have relevant experience or skills that you want to emphasize.

Example: "Experienced and compassionate medical assistant with proficiency in patient care, clinical procedures, and administrative tasks. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with a dedication to providing quality healthcare."

An objective states your work goals and what you hope to achieve in the position. It is recommended for recent graduates or entry-level candidates.

Example: "Dedicated and motivated recent graduate seeking a medical assistant position where I can apply my clinical skills and passion for patient care in a supportive healthcare environment."

Contact information

This medical receptionist resume section provides hiring managers with essential contact details to reach out to you for further communication or to schedule an interview.

Here's what to include:

  • Name. Your full name should be prominently displayed at the top of the resume, in a slightly larger font size.
  • Address. Include the city and state where you live or want to relocate.
  • Phone. Provide a reliable phone number where employers can reach you. If you have several, choose the one you're most likely to answer.
  • Email. Use a professional email address that consists of your name or a variation thereof. Avoid improper handles or nicknames.


Employers want to see evidence of your ability to perform the duties of a medical receptionist effectively. By detailing your past roles and responsibilities, you provide concrete examples of how you've successfully handled tasks important for the role.

First of all, clearly state your job title, such as "Medical Receptionist" or "Front Desk Coordinator".

  • Provide the name of the medical facility where you worked. Make sure to indicate the type of healthcare setting, such as a hospital, clinic, private practice, or urgent care center.
  • Include the dates when you started and ended each position. If you're still working there, use "Present" to show ongoing employment.

Use bullet points with action verbs to detail your primary duties on a medical receptionist resume.

Whenever possible, include quantifiable results or metrics to demonstrate the impact of your work.


Medical Receptionist

Sunrise Family Clinic, El Monte, CA

March 2018 - Present

  • Warmly greet and assist patients and visitors, ensuring a positive experience from arrival to departure.
  • Answer an average of 50 incoming calls daily, addressing inquiries and scheduling appointments to appropriate departments.
  • Verify insurance coverage and process billing and payments accurately, maintaining patient confidentiality and adhering to HIPAA regulations.
  • Developed and implemented a streamlined appointment scheduling process, reducing wait times by 15% and improving patient satisfaction scores.


If you have a degree or completed coursework and training related to medical office administration or a similar field, mention it in your medical receptionist resume.

Some medical receptionist positions may require or prefer candidates with specific certifications. This can include such as Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) or Certified Medical Receptionist (CMR).

Even if you don't have a college degree directly related to medical receptionist duties, list your highest level of education. It can indicate your capacity for learning and adapting to new tasks.

Make sure to include the following information:

  • Degree or certification. This could be a bachelor's or associate's degree, high school diploma, and relevant certifications.
  • Institution name. Mention the name of the educational institution where you earned your credentials. This could be a university, community college, vocational school, or training program.
  • Dates. Provide the dates when you attended or graduated from the institution.


Associate Degree - Medical Office Administration

Cascade Hills Community College, Seattle, WA

September 2020 - May 2024

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)

SkillsForge Vocational School, Seattle, WA

Completion Date: June 2017


When creating a resume for a medical receptionist job, it's important to highlight a combination of hard and soft skills. They should demonstrate your ability to handle administrative tasks, interact with patients, and support medical staff.

  • Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities or knowledge sets that are easy to quantify. They are often acquired through education, training programs, certifications, and on-the-job experience.
  • Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. They are more about the way you work and transferable between jobs and industries.

Hard skills:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Patient Assessment
  • Medication Administration
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management
  • Sterilization Techniques
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Administrative Tasks
  • HIPAA Policy

Soft skills:

  • Communication
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Customer Service

Optional sections

CertificationsHighlight your formal qualifications and adherence to industry standards.Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) by the AAMA
CPR and First Aid Certification by the American Red Cross.
Professional affiliationsDemonstrate your commitment to the profession and involvement in communities.Member of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
Member of the National Healthcare Association (NHA).
Volunteer experienceShowcase your dedication to helping others outside of paid work.Volunteered at Santa Ana Health Clinic, assisted with patient intake and record management.
Awards and honorsHighlight recognition received for your achievements and performance.Employee of the Month
Dean's List at Santa Ana University.
LanguagesIndicate additional communication skills that can benefit patient care.Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Professional developmentHighlight your ongoing efforts to improve your professional skills.Attended AAMA Annual Conference
Completed HIPAA Compliance Training.
PublicationsShowcase your contributions to the medical field through written work or presentations.Co-authored article on patient care best practices in the Journal of Medical Assistants
Presented at local health fair on diabetes management.

Cover letter for a medical receptionist

While resumes provide a summary of your skills, experience, and qualifications, a cover letter allows you to personalize your application and convey your enthusiasm for the specific role and organization.

If there are gaps in your resume or other aspects of your application that require explanation, you can address them in your cover letter.

A well-written medical receptionist cover letter should:

  • Provide an opportunity to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and explain why you're interested in the position.
  • Highlight specific skills and experiences that make you well-suited for the role in medical office.
  • Contribute to tailoring your application to the specific job and company, demonstrating how you can contribute to their success.

Example of a good medical receptionist cover letter:

  • Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am writing to express my interest in the Medical Receptionist position advertised on your company website. With a passion for providing exceptional patient care and a strong background in administrative support, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your team at Tukwila Medical Group.

    In my previous role as a Receptionist at Tukwila Urgent Care, I honed my skills in managing a busy reception area, scheduling appointments, and greeting patients with warmth and professionalism. I have a proven track record of delivering outstanding customer service and ensuring a positive experience for all patients.

    I am particularly drawn to the opportunity to work at your company because of your commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services to the community. I am impressed by your reputation for excellence and would be honored to contribute to your mission.

    My qualifications include proficiency in medical terminology, strong organizational skills, and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. I am detail-oriented, reliable, and dedicated to maintaining confidentiality and privacy in all aspects of my work.

    I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and would welcome the chance to discuss how my skills and experience align with the needs of Tukwila Medical Group. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your organization.


    Sarah Johnson

This cover letter includes a brief summary of the candidate's qualifications. It provides specific examples of their experience as a receptionist at a healthcare facility.

It expresses genuine interest in working at this organization and demonstrates that the applicant has researched the company and understands its values.

Example of a bad cover letter for medical receptionist:

  • Dear Hiring Manager,

    I wanted to apply for the medical receptionist job. I have always been interested in working in a medical office setting. believe that my skills and experience make me a great fit for this role.

    I am a hardworking individual with excellent communication skills. I have experience scheduling appointments and answering phones, although it was in a different industry. I am confident that I can quickly learn the specific procedures and software used in your office.

    I am comfortable working in a dynamic environment and am always willing to go above and beyond to help out wherever I can.

    I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my experience and skills align with the needs of your office.


    Edith Sheley

The introduction fails to provide any unique selling points about the applicant. It simply states the obvious desire to work in a medical office without providing any reasons why the applicant is suitable for the position.

The applicant mentions background answering phones and scheduling appointments but fails to tie this experience to the medical receptionist role.

Example of an entry-level medical receptionist cover letter:

Dear Ms. Owings,

I am writing to convey my interest in the Medical Office Receptionist position at Springfield Medical Associates. With a passion for healthcare administration and a strong desire to contribute to the smooth operation of your facility, I am sure in my ability to excel in this role.

As a recent graduate of Springfield Community College with a degree in Medical Office Administration, I have acquired a solid foundation in administrative tasks and customer service.

During my academic years, I honed my organizational and communication skills through coursework and internships. These experiences have equipped me with the ability to handle a variety of responsibilities efficiently and professionally.

Furthermore, I am proficient in using electronic health records (EHR) systems and have a strong attention to detail when it comes to accurately entering and updating patient information. I am also comfortable multitasking in a Dynamic workplace and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality service to patients.

I am enthusiastic about the chance to join your team and contribute to the positive patient experience. Thank you for reviewing my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills align with the demands of your practice.


Kimberly Burruss

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Proofreading your front desk medical receptionist resume and cover letter is crucial to ensure clarity, professionalism, and accuracy.

Here are some tips to help you effectively proofread these documents:

  • Take a break before proofreading. This allows you to approach the documents with clear mind.
  • Reading aloud can help you catch awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, and typos that you might have overlooked when reviewing silently.
  • Focus on one aspect at a time, such as grammar, punctuation, formatting, or content. This allows you to thoroughly check each element for errors.
  • Ensure consistency in style and terminology. Use the same font, text size, and formatting for headings, bullet points, and text.
  • Review for content accuracy and verify that your contact information, work experience and education are correct and up to date.
  • Ask a trusted friend, family member, or colleague to review your application papers. Fresh eyes can catch inconsistencies that you may have missed.


Remember that your medical receptionist resume is your opportunity to make a positive first impression.

By relying on the examples and tips outlined in this guide, you can create a document that effectively showcases your skills, experience, and qualifications. This will set you apart from the competition.

With a polished resume in hand, you'll be well-equipped to land the healthcare administration role you've been striving for. Best of luck in your job search!

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