Returning to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom is a significant step, and a well-crafted resume is your gateway to success.

A stay-at-home mom is a working mom. Being a stay-at-home mom is a job.

Cobie Smulders

While the invaluable experiences gained during this period may not fit the traditional mold of a professional career, they are nonetheless rich in skills that employers value.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of how to write an effective stay-at-home mom resume. Create an application document that showcases your unique talents and highlights what makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

Stay-at-Home Mom Resume Examples

Project Coordinator Resume Template

Translator Resume Template

Dora Bailey

1327 Stanley Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550
Phone: (555) 555-5555
LinkedIn: dorabailey


Experienced dentist with a passion for providing exceptional oral healthcare, seeking to re-enter the workforce after a fulfilling period as a stay-at-home mom. Eager to bring five years of dental expertise and patient care skills to a dentist position.

Professional Experience:

Full-Time Parenting, Hempstead, NY (April 2022 – January 2024)

  • Took a two-year hiatus to focus on raising and nurturing 2 children.
  • Utilized organizational and multitasking skills to manage household responsibilities.
  • Volunteered in the community, demonstrating commitment and leadership abilities.

Dentist, Dental Care Associates

Hempstead, NY (January 2017 – March 2022)

  • Conducted comprehensive dental examinations and formulated treatment plans.
  • Performed various dental procedures, including cleanings, fillings, and extractions.
  • Educated patients on oral hygiene practices.
  • Maintained accurate patient records and ensured compliance with healthcare regulations.

Dental Intern, Bright Smiles

New York, NY | May 2014 - August 2017

  • Assisted in conducting oral examinations, assessments, and routine cleanings, contributing to the overall patient experience.
  • Participated in chairside procedures, including dental fillings, extractions, and other preventive treatments.
  • Engaged with patients to ensure their comfort, address concerns, and provide post-operative care instructions.

Volunteer Work:

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Volunteer, Local Elementary School

Hempstead, NY (August 2022 – September 2023)

  • Coordinated and executed school events, showcasing organizational and teamwork skills.
  • Collaborated with teachers, parents, and administrators, enhancing communication abilities.


Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), College of Dentistry

New York University, NY

Graduated: May 2017

  • Completed a rigorous program with a focus on dental diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care.

Bachelor of Science in Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Syracuse University, NY

Graduated May: 2013


  • Dental Expertise. Experience in conducting examinations and performing dental procedures.
  • Patient Care. Adept at educating patients on oral health practices and delivering compassionate care.
  • Record Keeping. Meticulous in maintaining accurate and confidential patient records.
  • Communication. Strong communication skills, both with patients and within a team.

Additional Information:

  • Professional Development. Kept abreast of advancements in dentistry during the stay-at-home period.

Marine Biologist Resume Template

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Contact Information

Writing your contact information on a stay-at-home mom resume is a critical element that allows potential employers to reach out to you.

Here's how you can format and present your contact data:

  • Place the contact information at the top of the resume as the header.
  • Your full name should be the first item.
  • Include a phone number where you can be easily reached.
  • Use a professional email address.
  • If you have a LinkedIn profile that enhances your professional image, include the URL.
  • Include your city and state if you are comfortable doing so. Specify "Remote" if needed.
  • You can include a resume headline above the section detailing your experience.


Approximately one in five American parents stay home for some time after having kids. (Pew Research Center)

Writing the experience block for a stay-at-home mom resume requires highlighting the skills and accomplishments gained during the time spent managing a household and caring for a family. Even though it may not be conventional work experience, you can showcase your abilities effectively.

  1. Choose the right format. Consider using a combinational or functional resume format.
  2. If you had professional work experience before becoming a mom, it's important to include that in your resume as well.
  3. Break down your responsibilities as a household manager.
  4. If you engaged in volunteer work during your time as a stay-at-home mom, note it.
  5. Whenever possible, quantify your achievements to provide a clearer picture of your impact.
  6. Underline key achievements, duties, and skills acquired in your previous roles.

Here is an example of job history for a resume for a stay-at-home parent:

Full-Time Parent | Portland, OR | January 2023 – Present

  • Manage household finances, implementing budgeting strategies that led to a 15% reduction in monthly expenses.
  • Coordinate and schedule various family activities, including school extracurriculars, and medical appointments.
  • Design and implement educational activities to stimulate intellectual and creative growth for two children.
  • Actively engage in community involvement, volunteering for local events and collaborating with other parents for school initiatives.

Bookkeeper | Portland, OR | January 2019 – December 2022

  • Managed and maintained accurate financial records, including accounts payable, receivable, and general ledger entries.
  • Conducted regular reconciliations of bank statements, ensuring accuracy and identifying any discrepancies for prompt resolution.
  • Processed invoices, expense reports, and receipts in a timely manner, facilitating smooth financial transactions.
  • Collaborated with vendors to negotiate favorable terms and resolve billing issues, ensuring cost-effective operations.

By presenting your stay-at-home experience and integrating your previous work history, you'll create a compelling resume section.

How to Explain Gaps

60% of Americans think it is best for at least one parent to stay home with children. (Pew Research)

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs anyone can do. However, when looking for an occupation outside the home, it's essential, to be honest about the gaps in your employment history. Below are some advice for explaining breaks in tenure on a stay-at-home mom's resume.

  1. Be truthful and upfront. Don't try to hide the fact that you have been a stay-at-home parent. Tell that you took time off to raise your kids and give them the best start in life.
  2. Be prepared to answer questions about your career gap in interviews. Annotate how you kept up with industry trends and developed skills while away from work.
  3. Show employers that you are serious about returning to the workforce by taking classes or attending workshops/seminars related to the post. This will illustrate to bosses you are committed to working and staying current on skillsets required for success.

Remember, employers understand that individuals take breaks for various reasons. By addressing the gap in a positive and transparent manner, you demonstrate resilience, self-awareness, and a commitment to personal and professional growth.


When drafting a resume for a stay-at-home mom, sort your education in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest. This assists managers in understanding how you have developed over time, and how your skills have grown.

For each entry, include the degree earned, the major or field of study, the name of the institution, and graduation date. If you have a college degree, you can generally omit high school details unless you have limited higher education.

Indicate any relevant honors or awards and organizations or clubs you were involved with.

For example:

Master of Science in Technology

Tech University, San Francisco, CA | Graduated: May 2021

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

City College, New York, NY | Graduated: June 2018

  • Completed a thesis project on "The Impact of Technology on Modern Literature."
  • Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for outstanding performance in Computer Science.

Overall, ensure that you include all of your pertinent educational backgrounds and write as much detail as possible about each one. This will help employers better understand your background and provide them with an accurate picture of you as an individual and professional.

Resume Skills

The skills section of a stay-at-home mom resume serves as a key component to communicate your qualifications to potential employers. It can be divided into two primary categories: hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are tangible, measurable abilities that are specific to a particular job or industry. These often include technical proficiencies such as project management, data analysis, or graphic design.

In contrast, soft skills encompass personal attributes and interpersonal abilities that contribute to your overall effectiveness in the workplace. Examples of soft skills include effective communication, time management, and adaptability.

Here are possible stay-at-home mom resume skills examples:

Soft skills:

  • Effective Communication.
  • Adaptability.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
  • Team Collaboration.
  • Critical Thinking.

Hard skills:

  • Budgeting and Financial Management.
  • Event Planning.
  • Record Keeping.
  • Technology Proficiency.
  • Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Social Media Marketing.

Resume Summary

Crafting an effective resume summary is crucial in capturing the attention of potential employers and presenting a compelling overview of your qualifications. For a stay-at-home parent resume, the summary should succinctly highlight your skills, experiences, and aspirations.

Here's a guide on how to write a resume summary for a stay-at-home mom:

  1. Begin your summary with a powerful opening statement that reflects your enthusiasm and sets a positive tone.
  2. Emphasize the skills gained during your stay-at-home that are transferable to the workforce.
  3. Express your interest in re-entering the workforce and show your career goals.
  4. Customize the summary for each job application by aligning it with the specific requirements of the position.
  5. Aim for a concise summary, ideally within 3-4 sentences, to maintain readability.


Detail-oriented accountant with a successful track record in financial operations before dedicating time to family. Proficient in financial statement analysis, budgeting, and reconciliations, I am now eager to re-enter the workforce. During my time as a stay-at-home mom, I further honed organizational skills, showcasing proficiency in budget management and multitasking. Excited to contribute financial acumen and proven adaptability to a dynamic team.

Additional Information

The "Additional Information" section in a stay-at-home mom resume is an optional area. There you can include relevant details that might not fit into other parts of your application document but could still enhance your candidacy. Here are some suggestions on how to organize this section:

Volunteer WorkDescribe any volunteer work you've had during your time as a stay-at-home mom. Include details about the organizations, roles, and responsibilities.
Professional MembershipsIf you are a member of any professional associations, mention them.
Continuing EducationInclude any courses, workshops, or certifications you've completed during your time away from the workforce.
LanguagesIf you are proficient in languages other than English, write them. Bilingualism can be a valuable asset in many workplaces.
Interests and HobbiesWhile not always necessary, adding a brief overview of your interests or hobbies can provide a more personal touch.
Personal ProjectsIf you've undertaken any personal projects that showcase relevant skills, creativity, or leadership, consider mentioning them.
ReferencesInstead of including recommendation letters, you can simply state that references are available upon request. This keeps your resume concise while indicating your willingness to provide references when needed.

About three out of ten children (28%) in the United States today are raised by their moms at home. (Pew Research Center)

How to Write a Cover Letter

Composing a stay-at-home mom cover letter can be difficult. You may feel like you have gaps in your professional experience and want to take steps to showcase your skills. However, preparing an appropriate cover letter is possible.

Here are some tips for making your cover letter effective when you're a stay-at-home parent:

  1. Highlight skills. Even if you haven't worked professionally, you've probably developed skills through activities outside the workplace. Make sure to feature these skills in your cover letter and explain how they are applicable to the job you’re applying for.
  2. Showcase volunteer work. If you've volunteered as a stay-at-home mom, use this opportunity to demonstrate your commitment and passion. Write what you did during your volunteer work, and how it has made you more qualified.
  3. Keep it short. Your cover letter should be concise while still providing all the necessary data. It should be no longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs.

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Good Example of Stay-at-Home Mom Cover Letter:

  • Dear Principal,

    I am writing to express my sincere interest in the teaching position at Springfield Middle School. With a passion for fostering a positive learning environment and a proven track record as an educator, I am eager to contribute my skills and experiences to the esteemed academic community.

    Prior to my two-year hiatus as a stay-at-home mom, I was a teacher at Branson High School. In this role, I demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence, student engagement, and fostering a supportive classroom atmosphere.

    During my time away from the professional setting, I dedicated myself to the rewarding role of a stay-at-home mom. This period allowed me to further refine my organizational skills, patience, and adaptability, all of which are essential qualities for an effective educator. I actively engaged in educational activities with my own children, creating a stimulating and nurturing environment conducive to their growth and development.

    I am confident that my diverse background, coupled with my dedication to student learning, makes me an ideal candidate for Springfield Middle School. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the educational mission.

    Thank you for considering my application.


    Jane Smith

This cover letter example is effective because it skillfully tailors the applicant's experiences as a teacher and as a stay-at-home mom to the specific requirements of the teaching position.

The letter confidently addresses the career gap, highlighting transferable skills gained during the gap, and expresses genuine enthusiasm for the occupation. Its professional tone, personalized approach, and call to action make it a standout example.

Bad Example of Stay-at-Home Mom Cover Letter:

  • Dear Recruiter,

    I am applying for the teaching position because I need a job, and I used to be a teacher before taking a break. I believe I can handle the job, and I'm ready to get back to work.

    I have experience taking care of my own kids, so I'm sure I can handle other kids too. I need this job because being a stay-at-home mom was kind of boring, and I want something to do during the day.

    I look forward to your response!


This example is considered bad because it lacks professionalism. It fails to showcase specific skills or experiences and does not convey enthusiasm or a genuine interest in the position. It is brief, and does not effectively address the candidate's qualifications or the school's needs.


Proofreading is a crucial step in creating a polished and error-free stay-at-home mom resume. Proper grammar and words are vital to making a good impression.

Here's some advice:

  1. After completing your stay-at-home mom resume, take a break before proofreading. This allows you to approach the document with fresh eyes.
  2. Proofreading on a printed copy can help you catch errors that might be overlooked on a screen.
  3. Read each section of your resume aloud. This helps in identifying grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and missing words.
  4. Ensure consistency in formatting. Check for the use of font, bullet points, and other formatting elements.
  5. Run a spellchecker on your resume to catch basic spelling errors. However, don't solely rely on such programs, as they may not detect everything.
  6. Carefully review grammar, paying attention to subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, and proper punctuation.
  7. Look through the flow of information. Ensure that your stay-at-home mom resume has a logical and coherent structure.
  8. Ask a friend, family member, or colleague to review your resume. A fresh pair of eyes can often see errors that you might have missed.

By following these steps, you can thoroughly proofread your stay-at-home mom resume, presenting a professional document. Or you can just use Resume Trick to avoid any formatting issues.

Using an online resume builder can offer several advantages:

  • Templates and designs. This platform offers a variety of templates and design options, allowing users to choose a layout that suits their preferences.
  • Time efficiency. Creating a stay-at-home mom resume from scratch can be time-consuming. Online builders streamline the process by providing pre-designed sections and prompts, helping applicants quickly input their information.
  • Real-time editing. Job-seekers can make edits to their resume in real time, allowing for immediate adjustments and updates.
  • Resume examples. To help individuals choose an effective way to showcase their unique experience, this online service offers a rich collection of stay-at-home mom resume samples.

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Stay-at-Home Mom Resume: Conclusion

Working moms, stay-at-home moms, they’re both extremely hard jobs.

Hilary Rosen

Stay-at-home moms often face distinct challenges when writing a resume. The notable career gap raises questions about current skills and industry relevance.

Despite these challenges, strategic emphasis on transferable skills, showcasing relevant experiences, and demonstrating a commitment to professional development can help stay-at-home parents overcome obstacles and present compelling resumes to potential employers.

Follow our guidelines to create a standout stay-at-home mom resume, lighting up your unique qualifications for success in professional endeavors.