A career as a mechanical engineer attracts a large number of applicants due to its broad applicability and potential for opportunities. Therefore, having a well-crafted resume is essential to remain competitive in the job market.

This article will provide an overview of writing an outstanding mechanical engineering resume that will assist you in obtaining the job of your dreams.

With the below instruction, you will master:

  • Highlighting your work experience and particular successes;
  • Describing relevant educational credentials you have earned;
  • Demonstrating your professional mechanical engineering skillset;
  • Providing additional details to impress hiring managers.

In addition to that, you will also get an insight into how to compose a cover letter for mechanical engineer jobs. So, if you are ready to take your career to the next level, keep reading!

"One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering."

Robert A. Heinlein

Mechanical engineering resume examples

Experienced mechanical engineering resume sample

Entry-level mechanical engineering resume sample

Frank Murphy
frank-murphy@email.com | 928-607-5746 | Phoenix, AZ


Seeking a challenging position as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. Eager to utilize my expertise in designing, developing, and testing vehicle systems and components. Proven track record of successful projects, including automotive component prototyping and automated assembly line optimization. Skilled in troubleshooting complex issues and enhancing operational efficiency.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering | Arizona State University (2024)

  • GPA: 3.7/4
  • Honors Program student

Academic Projects

Automated Entryway System for Vehicles (2023)

  • Designed an automated door system using sensors to detect user presence.
  • Developed an Arduino controller programmed in C to open/close the door based on user input, enhancing vehicle security and convenience.

Reverse Engineering of Automotive Engine Components (2022)

  • Disassembled various engine components and developed 3D models using SolidWorks, analyzed wear and tear.
  • Recommended replacements to improve performance and reliability.

Key Skills

  • Proficient in CAD software (SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor)
  • Knowledgeable in FEA analysis software like ANSYS & ABAQUS
  • Familiar with 3D printing using Ultimaker Cura software
  • Experienced in product design and development
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics principles
  • Ability to interpret technical documents and drawings
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Work Experience

Mechanical Engineer Intern | ProMech Innovations (Phoenix, AZ)

Summer 2023

Developed and Tested Automotive Components:

  • Utilized SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor to design and model over 15 mechanical components for automotive systems.
  • Conducted FEA simulations using ANSYS to ensure structural integrity and performance under various operating conditions.

Project Documentation and Cost Estimation:

  • Created detailed technical drawings and process flows for 5 major projects, improving the accuracy and clarity of project documentation.
  • Developed cost estimations that reduced project expenses by 10% through effective resource allocation and material selection.

Production Line Support:

  • Assisted in troubleshooting and resolving over 20 assembly line issues, enhancing production efficiency by 15%.
  • Implemented process improvements that reduced assembly time by 12%, using lean manufacturing principles.

Prototyping and Testing:

  • Led the prototyping of an innovative suspension component, resulting in a 5% increase in vehicle stability and ride comfort during testing.
  • Used MATLAB to analyze test data and optimize design parameters, leading to a 7% reduction in material usage without compromising quality.

Certifications & Awards

  • Certified SolidWorks Professional | SolidWorks (2022)
  • Paul T. Scott Leadership Award | Arizona State University (2022)
  • Secured 1st place at the National Robotics Competition (2021)

Contact info

When listing contact information in a mechanical engineer resume, ensure that includes the most relevant details. This part of your resume should consist of your full name, current address, phone number, and professional email.

You may also want to include a link to your online portfolio or an account on professional sites, such as LinkedIn.

For this resume section, use a font that is consistent with the rest of your document. Utilize bold and italics if desired. Make sure to double-check everything for mistakes, so the recruiters can reach out to you when needed.

Resume summary or objective

In 2022, there were above 286,000 mechanical engineering jobs in the U.S. Mechanical engineering is expected to have a 10 percent growth from 2022 to 2032, with an average of 19,200 job openings annually. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics)

A convincing statement at the beginning of your resume should emphasize your key mechanical engineering qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge. It should also express your capacity to resolve intricate issues and develop groundbreaking ideas.

You can choose to write a resume summary or come up with an objective. See below the difference between the two.

AspectResume SummaryResume Objective
PurposeProvides a brief overview of qualifications and experiencesStates career goals and the specific position sought
ContentHighlights key skills, achievements, and professional backgroundFocuses on what the candidate aims to achieve in the role
LengthTypically 2-3 sentencesTypically 1-2 sentences
FocusPast accomplishments and how they apply to future rolesFuture career aspirations and goals
UsageIdeal for experienced professionals with a significant work historySuitable for entry-level candidates or career changers

Mechanical engineering resume summary sample:

Mechanical engineer with 5+ years of experience in the automotive industry. Skilled in 3D CAD modeling, rapid prototyping, and component testing. Experienced in designing innovative solutions to challenging problems, and optimizing production processes to maximize efficiency. Demonstrated a history of success in achieving outstanding results and exceeding customer satisfaction goals.

Mechanical engineering resume objective sample:

Highly skilled mechanical engineer with a focus on the automotive industry, seeking a challenging position where I can leverage my extensive experience in 3D CAD modeling, FEA analysis, and product development. Looking to contribute to a dynamic engineering team in a forward-thinking company.

Work experience

In May 2023, mechanical engineers earned a median annual wage of $99,510. The median annual wage for mechanical engineers working in scientific research and development services was $125,640. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics)

It is imperative to organize your work experience data accurately for the highest likelihood of success in your job hunting.

To make the best impression with your mechanical engineering resume, write in clear, concise, and appealing language.

List your employment history in chronological format, beginning with the current or most recent position. This helps employers quickly identify how long you have been working in the field and what career progress you have made so far.

For each role listed on your mechanical engineering resume provide the name of the company you worked for, the title you had, and the dates you were employed.

Provide a brief description of your key duties and notable achievements.

Mechanical engineer's resume - example of the employment history:

  • Mechanical Engineer | Vanguard Engineering Services (Tulsa, OK)

    June 2019 - Present

    • Developed over 50 detailed 3D CAD models for various automotive components using SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, improving design accuracy and manufacturability.
    • Conduct in-depth research and analysis on emerging automotive technologies, such as electric vehicle (EV) powertrains and autonomous driving systems, leading to the implementation of two innovative solutions in new projects.
    • Create comprehensive technical documentation for more than 10 new products, ensuring clear communication of design specifications, assembly instructions, and maintenance procedures to the production and quality assurance teams.

    Assistant Mechanical Engineer | Momentum Mechanics (Tulsa, OK)

    June 2017 - May 2019

    • Developed and tested prototypes for 15 new automotive products, utilizing rapid prototyping techniques and 3D printing to accelerate development cycles and reduce costs by 20%.
    • Programmed and maintained robots for automated testing processes, enhancing testing efficiency and accuracy, and reducing manual labor by 30%.
    • Analyzed and optimized existing manufacturing processes, implementing improvements that increased production efficiency by 25% and reduced waste by 15%.

Listing your experience in this way allows employers to swiftly scan through your work history and get an overview of the mechanical engineering skills and expertise you can bring to the prospective job.

Mechanical engineering skills

"Engineering: The art of organizing and directing men, and of controlling the forces and materials of nature for the benefit of the human race."

Henry Gordon Stott

Showcasing both technical and interpersonal talents on a resume for a mechanical engineer helps exhibit oneself as a well-rounded candidate for the job.

Soft skills are proficiencies that can help an engineer effectively work with others in a team environment. Hard skills are capabilities that facilitate an engineer to do the job efficiently. It is beneficial to illustrate both types of skills to gain a competitive advantage.

Mechanical engineering resume - examples of hard skills:

  • Expertise in CAD programs;
  • 3D modelling;
  • Simulation techniques;
  • Manufacturing processes familiarity;
  • Machinery maintenance knowledge;
  • Material properties understanding;
  • Quality assurance expertise;
  • Computer-aided engineering (CAE) experience;
  • Computer numerical control (CNC) background;
  • Robotics understanding.

Mechanical engineering resume - examples of soft skills:

  • Communication;
  • Problem-Solving;
  • Adaptability;
  • Organization;
  • Leadership;
  • Teamwork;
  • Time management;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Innovation.

Illustrating a combination of both types of capabilities and properly arranging these skills on your mechanical engineering resume will enable employers to instantly view what you have to offer.

Examine the job description and choose the abilities that match the job requirements and demonstrate your competency in the field. For additional ideas of skills to list, look at mechanical engineering resume examples.

Academic credentials

"As engineers, we were going to be in a position to change the world - not just study it."

Henry Petroski

When it comes to noting and organizing educational details in a mechanical engineering resume, you must present them in the best light to illustrate the knowledge you have in the professional industry.

  • Make sure the education is listed in chronological order, from the most recent qualification obtained.
  • Use bullet points to list the information to facilitate the process of comprehending your academic background for hiring managers.
  • Provide all the essential details: name of institution, type of the degree and major, and the dates attended.
  • Include other relevant facts like GPA, selected coursework, campus activities, awards, etc.

Mechanical engineer resume - sample education section:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - University of California, Santa Barbara (2022)

    • Outstanding Achievement Award for Capstone Project (2022)
    • Certificate in AutoCAD Design & Drafting (2022)
    • Completed coursework on robotics programming and 3D printing (2021)
    • Received Highest Honors for Final Year Project (2021)

The above example can prove useful when seeking an occupation in mechanical engineering. It demonstrates that the job-seeker has the expertise and abilities needed for such a role. Moreover, the example also indicates that they have received recognition for their excellent academic performance.

Social media links

Mechanical engineers primarily work in offices but may visit worksites as needed. They collaborate with other engineers, technicians, and professionals in team environments. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics)

Incorporating social media connections into your mechanical engineer's resume could be advantageous. Consider the pros and cons below to determine whether your resume will benefit from this section.


  • Demonstrates the ability to use technology and creative thinking to your advantage.
  • Showcases that you can engage with people online in a professional setting.


  • Reveals personal details and opinions that may not reflect well on the hiring decision.
  • Requires careful consideration of what is being shared online in order to be appropriate for HR to see.

For example, a mechanical engineer may include links to their LinkedIn profile or professional website, highlighting their expertise in the area. They may also include YouTube videos of projects or experiments they have done that demonstrate their knowledge and creativity.

Evaluate how your online presence portrays you in a professional light before integrating social media links into the mechanical engineering resume. Only do so if you are certain it will increase your chances of getting hired.

Additional details

"A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible."

Freeman Dyson

You're not limited to the mandatory sections and can enhance your resume with any additional facts you find important to let hiring managers know. This is your chance to impress recruiters and give them an insight into who you are as a person.

Supplementary information can help make your mechanical engineer's resume stand out from the competition. It also shows your effort in crafting a well-written document.

Here are some examples of what else you can mention:

  • Hobbies illustrate your character and tell what you do outside of work. For example, if you are interested in robotics, this will demonstrate your passion for developing new things.
  • Courses shows your commitment to continuous learning and provides evidence that you have sought out opportunities to further your knowledge. If you have taken a course in product design, make sure to include this on your mechanical engineering resume.
  • Languages proficiencies need to be listed to prove that you will become an asset for working with international teams or clients. This also demonstrates your openness to new experiences, which is an attractive quality for certain employers.
  • Awards indicate that you are successful in what you do and have achieved recognition. If you have accomplishments in mechanical engineering, such as an engineering excellence award or a scholarship, remember to incorporate this into your resume.
  • Internships display your eagerness for practical learning and the initiative to gain experience in the field. If you have completed any internships related to mechanical engineering, add this information as well.
  • References allow potential employers to contact people who can vouch for your skills and work ethic. Confirm that the contact details of your resume references are updated and they are willing to speak on your behalf.
  • Certificates reflect your dedication and mastery in the industry. If you hold an ASME certification for welding inspection, make sure you list these mechanical engineering qualifications on your resume. This will boost your credibility in the eyes of hiring managers.

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Cover letter

Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Template

Writing a great cover letter is an essential part of any job search. An engaging letter can give you an edge over the competition and secure an interview.

Use these ideas to begin crafting a persuasive cover letter to support your mechanical engineering resume.

Step 1. Research the Company

Do your research on the company you are applying to. This means reading up on their mission, values, and products or services.

Knowing this information will help you tailor your mechanical engineer's cover letter to the job opening and make sure it is relevant to the employer.

Step 2. Highlight Your Strengths

Your cover letter should focus on your strong sides and how they match the job requirements. Be sure to highlight your knowledge of software, design tools, or engineering principles that are important for the job.

Showcase any achievements or projects you have worked on, and explain how these experiences make you well-suited for the job.

Step 3. Keep It Concise

Keep your cover letter brief and focused on one page. Use short sentences and avoid repeating information that is already listed in your resume.

Step 4. Personalize Your Letter

Do not forget to personalize your mechanical engineering cover letter with details about why you are interested in the job.

Include examples of how your skills can benefit the company and make sure they reflect your personality.

Now, let's look at good and bad mechanical engineering cover letter examples to help you see what is expected from you.

Mechanical engineer cover letter - bad example:

  • Hello, I am writing regarding the mechanical engineering position at your company. I have been working in engineering for many years now, so I think I would be a great fit for this role. I am very motivated and passionate about this field, so please consider me as a candidate. My resume is attached.


The example is bad because it is not specific enough and does not demonstrate any knowledge of the company or the position being applied for.

It also does not showcase any of the applicant's relevant experience or skills that make them an ideal fit for this role. Simply referring to the mechanical engineering resume in your supporting letter is not enough even if you are a first-class professional.

Mechanical engineer cover letter - good example:

  • Dear Ms. Herman,

    I am writing to express my interest in the Mechanical Engineering position at InnovateTech Solutions, as advertised on Indeed.com. With a robust background in the engineering field and a fervent passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology, I am eager to contribute to your team's success.

    With five years of experience in engineering, including my recent role as a Junior Engineer at Dynamic Designs Inc., I have honed my skills in project management, design development, and innovation leadership. Over the past three years, I've spearheaded projects, overseeing the design, construction, and testing of various mechanical components.

    Moreover, I have cultivated expertise in machine operations, CAD/CAM software utilization, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Accustomed to thriving under pressure in dynamic environments, I consistently uphold precision and attention to detail while meeting tight deadlines.

    My Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering has equipped me with a solid foundation, augmented by hands-on experience in robotics and autonomous systems projects. This exposure has nurtured my understanding of emerging technologies and their practical applications.

    I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with a team of skilled engineers at InnovateTech Solutions. There, I can apply my technical acumen and problem-solving prowess to drive organizational growth.

    Furthermore, my exceptional communication and interpersonal skills enable me to thrive in collaborative settings, fostering productive team dynamics.

    Thank you for considering my application. I am available for further discussion or to schedule an interview at your convenience.


    Ashley Santiago

Cover letter for an entry-level mechanical engineering resume

Tips for crafting a cover letter for mechanical engineers with no experience:

  1. Focus on transferable skills. Look for opportunities where you can demonstrate that you possess key skills required for the job, even if they come from diverse places. Showcase qualities such as problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, communication, etc., and explain how they apply to the position you are applying for.
  2. Incorporate action words. Ensure that each sentence is written in active voice rather than passive voice so it sounds more dynamic and engaging. Use action verbs like “collaborated”, “designed”, “implemented”, etc., to make it clear what kind of work you have done in past roles or projects.
  3. Keep things relevant. Ensure all of your letter content is relevant to the job description by focusing on the qualifications that are most important to the employer. Your cover letter should emphasize why you are an ideal candidate for this particular role. Don't just list off all of your achievements and experiences without context.

Dear Mr. Dumas,

I am writing to apply for the Mechanical Engineer position at Accelera Engineering Group. While I may lack prior work experience in the field, I am eager to bring my education, enthusiasm, and problem-solving skills to your team.

I recently graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout my studies, I have developed strong analytical abilities and acquired a comprehensive understanding of mechanical engineering principles and practices. Additionally, my coursework included programming courses, providing me with proficiency in industry-relevant software.

During an internship with FusionTech Engineering in my junior year, I gained valuable hands-on experience. I worked with various CAD programs, participated in 3D modeling projects, and contributed to quality assurance efforts.

One of the projects I worked on during my studies involved designing and prototyping a solar-powered irrigation system for rural communities. This project not only honed my technical skills but also instilled in me a sense of social responsibility and the importance of sustainable engineering solutions.

I am excited to embark on my career in Mechanical Engineering and am confident in my ability to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to your team. My dedication to problem-solving and eagerness to tackle complex challenges make me well-suited for this role.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to join Accelera Engineering Group and would welcome the chance to discuss how my skills and passion could contribute to your team's success.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you for considering my application.


Maurilio DeRose

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"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions."

Grace Hopper

Polishing your mechanical engineer's resume and cover letter before submitting them is essential. Failing to proofread can result in typos, incorrect words, and poor grammar that could leave recruiters with a negative impression.

Additionally, technical terms should be used correctly to present that you have the necessary knowledge for the position.

To ensure your documents are perfect, there are a few steps you can take to proofread them.

  • First, read through your mechanical engineering resume and supporting letter several times to make sure all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Secondly, ask a friend or family member to review your documents to spot errors you may not be aware of.
  • Thirdly, use tools and spellchecker to fix the materials for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Finally, you may find it beneficial to print out your documents and read them on paper for a different perspective.

Following these tips will help ensure your mechanical engineering resume and letter are flawless. It will guarantee employers get the best initial impression of you.


This article provides a comprehensive guide for constructing a mechanical engineer's resume.

Composing one could be arduous. To make it easier, you can use the online resume builder that will provide you with a mechanical engineering resume template and easy-to-use editing instruments.

With the appropriate tools, you can fashion a document that will be surely noticed by hiring managers.

Don't wait any longer, start writing your perfect mechanical engineering resume today!